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Jumpstart Programme

Jump-start your career in accountancy & finance

Registration is now open for Jumpstart Programme 2021

If you wish to pursue a career in accountancy and finance, then this programme is for you. This programme is designed to help students jumpstart their career.
With a combination of the first four ACCA papers and consultations with our recruitment arm Phoenix Skills and Recruitment (PSR), we can help you prepare for your journey into the world of finance and accountancy.
Once you have completed the programme, PSR will be able to put you forward for positions that they have available – then it’s down to you to impress the employer!
jumpstart programme

Step 1

Complete the tuition for the first 2 ACCA papers BT and MA

Step 2

Take your BT and MA exams
We will schedule your exam on a date that suits you   

Step 3

Meet with a CV and Interview specialist from Phoenix Skills and Recruitment (PSR)

Step 4

Complete the tuition for the next 2 papers FA and LW

Step 5

Take your FA and LW exams
We will schedule your exam on a date that suits you   

Step 6

Meet with PSR again for a career consultation
PSR have placed 100+ students in finance and accountancy roles since their inception


You have completed the first four papers of ACCA and you now hold the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business*
*Completion of Foundations in Professionalism module is required to receive your diploma


Want to complete another paper before the end of the year?
Purchase our add-on PM Package for only 3000 AED.
PM will accompany the FA and LW perfectly and will build on the knowledge you learnt in MA.

Jump start Testimonials

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