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The Phoenix Experience

What is The Phoenix Experience?

The Phoenix Experience is our promise to all students that we will deliver the best financial training experience for them.

Whether you are studying online, with our online learning solution, or in the classroom receiving face-to-face tuition – we have you covered.

The benefits of the Phoenix Experience include:
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  • Expert Tutor TeamAll our tutors are experts in their fields and uniquely qualified in both classroom and online financial training. Their knowledge of the accountancy and finance industry is exceptional. We have tutors that have worked in a variety of roles up to managing director level as well as in ‘Big 4’ auditing firms, and many of our tutors are professional examination markers. Using their experience and tried and tested teaching methods, they succeed in passing on their knowledge to our ever-growing Phoenix student community.
  • Tutor SupportHowever you choose to study, our main priority is that you receive a personal experience from our tutor team. Every student has their own allocated tutor that will be with them every step of the way. All our tutors are full-time PhoenixFT employees, which means all their time is dedicated to helping you pass your exams.
  • Customer Service Our dedicated customer service team is here to guide you through your ACCA journey, whether this is to help create a study plan, advise you on important dates, or just because you need a friendly voice to talk to. Wherever you are in the world, they are here for you.
  • Constant Monitoring and Encouragement We monitor you regardless of your chosen study method, this enables us to provide the right support and advice throughout your course.
  • Study Resources All PhoenixFT courses come with professional, expert-written and exam-focused study notes. These notes form a critical part of your course and have been designed to deliver all the information you need to successfully pass the exam in a clear, manageable, and easy-to-understand format. However you are studying, you will receive the best available resources and tools to support you on your way to exam success.
  • Facilities We provide exceptional study facilities whether they are physical classroom environments in our Central Park Towers teaching location, or our virtual learning platform designed specifically for you!

The Classroom Experience

We deliver all our face-to-face training at Central Park Towers, ensuring the best facilities are available to you. We even provide you with student discounts to multiple food and beverage outlets in the building.

In our classroom, you will witness our Expert Tutor Team firsthand. They will support you inside and outside the classroom, adding you to interactive WhatsApp groups and providing you with direct links to them through email and telephone. Our Customer Service team will keep you well informed of your timetable and important dates and will always guide you to where you need to be and when.

They will also Monitor your attendance to keep track of our unique free resit policy* and Encourage you to stay on track. At the end of the day, if you are present in the classroom, you are in the best place possible to pass your exam!

Every student is provided with all the resources they need to pass the exam. You will receive a study guide to help you keep on track, PhoenixFT study notes to follow in the classroom, and a Branded Exam Kit to test your knowledge and understanding.

Packages that include The Classroom Experience are:

Platinum, Gold, and Silver+. Click on the button below to find out more about these packages.

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The Online Experience

We understand that not everyone can get to the classroom and that some might prefer a more flexible solution. Therefore, we have created the perfect online financial training environment that still provides you with The Phoenix Experience.

We have partnered with Panopto, the leading video platform for businesses and universities, to create the perfect content-sharing Facility. Here you will be able to gain knowledge from our Expert Tutor Team through a combination of prerecorded and live topic videos. The tutors cover tuition AND revision, creating the ultimate online flexible solution.

Even though you may not be in the classroom, you will still be lavished with Tutor Support throughout your course. You will be added to interactive WhatsApp groups where you can discuss topics with your tutor and peers. You will also receive regular check-ins from your personal tutor. They will be Monitoring your progress throughout the course making sure you are always on track.

All online students will receive the same Resources as our classroom students. You will receive a physical set of the PhoenixFT study notes and an online revision kit to enhance your study experience and of course a PhoenixFT study guide to follow throughout.

Our Customer Service Team will guide you through the navigation of the platform and will send you everything you need to get started with your course.

Flexible and reliable, we offer the best online financial training experience for our students!

Packages that include The Online Experience are:

Platinum, Silver, and Silver+. Click below to find out more about these packages.