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We believe in you and your future in finance! Join the leading financial training institution in the MENA Region. We provide a range of professional accounting and finance qualifications and work with the region’s best employers to launch individuals into the finance arena.

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    The leading accountancy and finance training provider in the MENA region

    PhoenixFT was founded in 2006 and since then have become a leading provider of professional accountancy and finance qualifications throughout the Middle East and India as well as providing a range of bespoke finance courses to a wide and varied portfolio of corporate clients. 

    Headquartered in the Dubai International Financial Centre, PhoenixFT also has physical operations in Oman and India along with an ever-growing, digital learning global presence. 

    Our training success is based on having carefully selected and approved full-time tutors who are experts in their subjects and who possess a wide range of industry experience. We supplement our courses with easy to understand, exam-focused PhoenixFT study materials and support our students in every aspect of their training via our dedicated, student-focused customer support team.

    At PhoenixFT, we always and without compromise put ‘you’ the student first!

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    ACCA approved learning partner gold

    The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a global financial accounting qualification with over 200,000 active members and recognised in 176 countries. Join the world’s leading body of professional accountants.

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    Become a Chartered Financial Analyst. The go-to qualification for the investment community. Becoming a CFA charter-holder holds substantial rewards for anyone interested in the finance and investment industries. 

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    Our tutors are dedicated to your success. Their sole responsibility is supporting you in passing your exam and encouraging you to fulfil your goals in finance.

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    We have created multiple study packages allowing you to enjoy the Phoenix experience whether that be in the online learning space or the classroom environment.


    We pride ourselves in consistently producing Prize winners not only in the UAE with our face to face courses but all over the world using our online learning study package.

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    Our in-house recruitment team work closely with Phoenix students, building interview skills and finding them career opportunities.


    Joe Mathai Thomas CFR testimoniall
    Joe Mathai Thomas
    PhoenixFT CFA Graduate

    CFA is one of the most ambitious professional qualifications there is. My decision to undertake the CFA Level 1 exam through the tutoring of Phoenix helped me ensure my successful pass. The tutors who taught me were experienced in doing so and had a thorough knowledge of the exam and any content required to be learnt. They were able to accurately gauge the time and effort required as well as provide me with answers to my doubts, day or night. Their real-world experience also helped provide us with a window into the real-life applications of everything we learnt during Level 1. I would recommend Phoenix to any fellow student aspiring for the CFA Charter.

    Malavika profile picture
    SBR UAE Prizewinner December 2019

    ”I couldn’t have had a better inception to my ACCA journey than being a student at Phoenix Financial Training. There is no amount of gratitude that would be enough to thank my SBR tutor, Nikhil, for making the subject so interesting with his tremendous knowledge and classroom laughs. In particular, the 4-day revision course was something that helped me the most in identifying my weak areas and fine tune my performance.”

    Muhammad Huzaif
    Muhammad Huzaif
    OBU Graduate November 2019

    “In honest words, the whole process of the dissertation is quite complex and can get a person worked up. However, my mentor had simplified things to a very great extent. I am certain this would not have been achievable without her constant efforts. Hats off to her and PhoenixFT for helping us all reach the needed end result. God bless!”

    Amaleswari Amalan profile picture
    Amaleswari Amalan
    AFM student

    “The online portal offered by Phoenix Financial Training is immensely supportive and interactive providing the classroom experience at the convenience of our homes. I am currently pursuing AFM with Vignesh, whose online classes and virtual presence has been helping me prepare for my upcoming exam. A very user-friendly experience and a must try for everyone!”

    Reshma Raju Thomas
    Reshma Raju Thomas
    OBU Graduate November 2019

    “The OBU mentoring provided by PhoenixFT is extremely good which is evident from their consistent successful pass rates. My mentor is an amazing, dedicated individual who played a critical role in me clearing my OBU with an excellent grade.”

    Shehneel Khan profile picture
    Shehneel Khan
    LW Student June 2020

    In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, PFT as always, putting the students first, made sure our E-learning went on flexibly. The videos recorded are of exceptional topic details along with the weekly webinars which aid in clearing all the doubts. My weekly online tests have been a plus one on helping me tackle my weak areas with intense support from my tutor throughout the day. My tutor, Rona, with her amiable mood lights up our interactive study group and makes it easier for everyone to engage within it.

    Aditi Balaji
    Aditi Balaji
    OBU Graduate November 2019

    My OBU submission for November 2019 was my first attempt, that too a successful one and I would like to owe this to my PhoenixFT mentor. She was very approachable and made sure to give us a brief understanding of the whole process, making it clear that dedication, effort and time put into this highly matters to get a pass.”

    Aagam Shah
    Aagam Shah
    ACCA Affiliate March 2020

    “Phoenix Financial Training has played a pivotal part in my journey through the ACCA qualification. Every aspect of PFT’s classes are conducted with a high degree of professionalism. One of the biggest advantages of studying at PFT was the level of knowledge possessed and shared by the Phoenix lecturers. Their ability to pass on this knowledge enables students to both, excel at the examinations and grasp vital professional and business acumen to help them excel at their workplace. Overall, I believe that studying at PFT has not only enabled me to achieve my ACCA qualification but has also prepared me to face challenges and get through them in real-life situations.”

    Syed Mohammed Muzzammil profile picture
    Syed Mohammed Muzzammil
    3-times Prizewinner for March 2021

    It was fantastic to receive the email from ACCA stating me as the prizewinner in the U.A.E. and Middle East. It feels great to have recognition of the hard work and dedication that I put into preparing for the exams. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the encouragement of my family and the guidance of my amazing tutors at Phoenix who had great faith in me. Special thanks to Mrs. Preethy who made sure we understood every concept in Audit, and Mrs. Sarah for making sure we had ample practice in Financial Reporting. I am grateful for their constant support. The revision classes and the mock exams organized by Phoenix were highly beneficial for understanding the exam techniques and how to face the questions. I’d like to use this opportunity to congratulate everyone who has passed their exams in this session; and to those of you preparing for the next session, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. These awards have been a great motivator for me and it pushes me to work even harder in the future. Now, onto the next one!

    Abdallah Abunahla KPMG
    Abdallah Abunahla
    Associate 1, KPMG - TX (UK) September 2020 – 92%

    “It was a really nice experience for me to take an online course for Taxation with Phoenix Financial Training – it prepared me well to get a high mark in the exam. All thanks and respect to my instructors who provided me with sufficient support to understand the material, practice the critical areas and clarify my questions. My advice for students to pass any ACCA paper is that there are three steps you need to follow. First step is to study in a way that helps you gather sufficient knowledge that will qualify you to understand the material and the questions without wasting time trying to be completely ready for the exam. Second step is to practice the questions as much as possible, where this is the step that must qualify you to be ready to solve the exam. And finally, the third step is to manage your time during the exam. I highly recommend all students wanting to pursue ACCA to join Phoenix Financial Training who are one of the market leaders in the ACCA qualification courses.”