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The Top Benefits of Obtaining an ACCA Qualification

Two hundred thirty-three thousand — that’s the number of fully qualified members the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants reports on their website. Five hundred thirty-six thousand more are on their way to earning their chartered certified accountant qualification or their ACCA designation.

Is enrolling in an ACCA training Dubai course and earning the right to use the ACCA letters after your name worth the time, energy, and training fee? Read on and find the top benefits of obtaining an ACCA qualification.

1. Get Specialized Training in International Accounting.

ACCA is a professional qualification in accounting. To earn the ACCA designation, you must satisfy three requirements: pass the ACCA exams, complete the Ethics and Professional Skills module, and earn the necessary work experience.

In other words, on your way to earning the professional ACCA qualification, you will:

  • Learn practical accounting concepts.
  • Develop the skills required of an accounting professional.
  • Learn the qualification’s ethical and professional standards.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply accounting knowledge and skills.

ACCA Exams

There are 15 ACCA exams available, and you must pass 13 of them to earn an ACCA qualification. Therefore, to gain an ACCA qualification, you must enroll in ACCA training courses. You can review for ACCA exams even if you are working as ACCA online training is available.

The following are the ACCA exams:

Applied Knowledge Exams

  • Business technology
  • Management accounting
  • Financial accounting

Applied Skills Exams

  • Corporate and business law
  • Performance management
  • Taxation
  • Financial reporting
  • Audit and assurance
  • Financial management

Strategic Professional Essential Exams

  • Strategic business leader
  • Strategic business reporting

Strategic Professional Optional Exams (choose two among these four)

  • Advanced financial management
  • Advanced performance management
  • Advanced taxation
  • Advanced audit and assurance

Ethics and Professional Skills Module

The ethics and professional skills module has 10 units:

  • Unit 1: Ethics and professionalism
  • Unit 2: Personal effectiveness
  • Unit 3: Innovation and skepticism
  • Unit 4: Commercial awareness
  • Unit 5: Leadership and team working
  • Unit 6: communication and interpersonal skills
  • Unit 7: Data analytics
  • Unit 8: Integrated case study
  • Unit 9: Strategic professional support
  • Unit 10: End of module assessment

The Ethics and Professional Skills module helps the learner learn the ethical standards of the accounting profession and the skills one needs to be good at their job. This module uses realistic business simulations to drive home its lessons.

This module is designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of strategic business professional skills. This will help you pass your strategic professional exams.

Practical Experience Requirement

To become a certified chartered accountant, you must gain work experience in a relevant accounting or finance role. ACCA’s practical experience requirement is based on the practical experience requirements or the International Education Standard 5 of the International Federation of Accountants.

Essentially, you must:

  • Work in one or more relevant roles for 36 months.
  • Achieve five essential performance objectives.
  • Achieve any four of the technical performance objectives.

You must log your work activities in your online My Experience record. Your practical experience supervisor will sign off on it if your report demonstrates that you have indeed achieved the standards of a particular performance objective.

2. Demonstrate Your Accounting Knowledge and Skills.

When you interview for a position, your potential employer will ask you many questions. These are designed to elicit information on your training and experience so he can assess if you have the requisite knowledge and skills that the job you wish to fulfill demands.

If you have an ACCA designation after your name, your future employer will probably ask you the same questions. However, your ACCA qualification should be sufficient proof that you do have the knowledge, skills, and experience the job requires.

As the above section shows, earning an ACCA qualification is a complicated process that requires diligence, discipline, determination, and patience. To summarize the process, someone earning an ACCA must:

  • Study for the ACCA exams.
    Pass the ACCA exams.
  • Complete the ethics and professional skills module.
  • Accumulate 36 months of experience in a relevant accounting or finance role.
  • Complete nine performance objectives.

Thus, having an ACCA designation after your name is unassailable proof of your experience and qualifications.

3. Stand Out to Employers and From the Competition.

According to the Practice of Now 2018 report by Sage, 67% of accountants worldwide feel that the accounting profession is more competitive. Additionally, 40% feel more uncertain about their prospects compared to how they felt about it in the past year.

An ACCA qualification is one way you can feel more confident about your prospects regardless of the increasing competitiveness of the field. Imagine having an ACCA designation beside your name on your curriculum vitae. That should be a sure way to the pile of shortlisted candidates.

4. Work Where You Want.

ACCA is a professional qualification recognized worldwide. With an ACCA qualification, the world is your oyster.

Give Your Career a Boost

Your journey to earning an ACCA qualification will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and experience to become a proficient accounting professional. Thus, an ACCA designation will help you stand out from the competition. It will also help you get hired anywhere in the world because an ACCA qualification is recognized worldwide.

An ACCA qualification can be a great boost to your professional accounting career. It is definitely worth the ACCA training price.

Start your journey towards an ACCA qualification. Contact us to enroll in our ACCA training in Dubai.

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