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Learning & professional training in the Covid-19 era…

 Learning & professional training in the Covid-19 era…

In the words of Denis Waitley, you must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler. Covid-19 has impacted people, communities, organizations and sectors in more significant ways than one can imagine and the education sector & the student communities across the globe are no exception.

Fundamentally, education has been a people process aimed at nurturing creative thinking, problem solving in the minds of learners and building a community of responsible citizens. As with most other sectors, Covid-19 has accelerated the adoption of technology in the education sector too. Noble initiatives like the digital school, launched by HH Sheikh Mohammed to provide remote schooling opportunities for socially disadvantaged children in societies affected by war and poverty are testimony to this. Professional bodies have also moved in this direction of using technology as a part of examination delivery and other services to allow candidates to progress through the qualification amidst the Covid-19 disruption and restrictions. For instance, ACCA allowed exams in certain markets to be taken remotely rather than as a centre-based exam whereas ICAEW have decided to publish all their learning material digitally, which is estimated to save 260+ tonnes of paper every year.

Colleges and training providers globally have also had to evolve methods of training delivery and facilitate remote learning where necessary or opted for by students with some choosing to broadcast the traditional live classroom and the others finding more creative methods of digitizing the learning environment.

At PhoenixFT UAE, the students now have a choice between attending traditional classroom training at our learning centre in DWTC (the first exhibition and convention centre in the region to get a “Safeguard” certification from Bureau Veritas, guaranteeing compliance with the highest standards to ensure safety and well-being of visitors) and preparing for their exams in a flexible, online environment by accessing digitized learning resources including lectures and question debriefs at their own pace whilst being supported by subject specialist trainers through periodic live webinars.

Globally, there has been considerable debate about the most effective online learning methods. The effectiveness of training by broadcasting live sessions running into many hours is hugely hampered by issues with internet connectivity and uninterrupted and prolonged screen time which comes at the expense of focus and attentiveness. A recent survey of several higher education students revealed that with purely pre-recorded learning nearly 7 out of 10 students missed the much-valued human connection and active learning they would experience in face to face classroom training.

Constantly monitoring the evolving learning styles and student preferences, the PhoenixFT digital learning solutions aim to blend the flexibility and convenience of pre-recorded digitized resources alongside active learning elements through live webinars, interactive WhatsApp groups and constant tutor engagement & progress tracking.

Recent surveys have all revealed that nearly 68% of the learners globally would still prefer face to face learning in a post-covid scenario. Classroom training with its multiple benefits is here to stay for a long time but the use of technology has no doubt created an alternative learning environment that many other learners may find flexible and effective. Despite the unsettling consequences of Covid-19, learning, training and developing employability skills continues, albeit using different modes. The show must go on!!!

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